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I love red
I love rose
I love chocolate
I love listening to music
I love being moody
i love myself and everything i do

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  • I had a dream last night.
    I was delighted because it was you...

  • Every day is like hell without you
    The sun does not brighten up my day when we're...

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  • Love is like a game, you need to play it well and do your best to win but when you failed, don't lose hope because love is never ending..

    6 years ago
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  • No one can force me to do something that I don't like, I know myself and my limitations.

    7 years ago
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  • I learned to sing your favorite song even how hard it is, I tried my best to understand the meaning and when I started to love it as my own song, you come to a decision that you will never play that song again.

    7 years ago
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