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I am just an average poet. I write and believe in simple yet meaningful things. I mostly write about love. I believe in love and humanity. I love to talk with others and listen to them. I dont know, but for some reason, i always feel happiness I always have a smile on my face. This is something i want for others but I do have my bad days and I write about it all.

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  • How do you know if you no longer love someone...

  • Friends so many friends,
    All over the world...

  • You hurt me in more ways than one. For 5 years you...

  • You took a risk,
    A huge risk...

  • As I hated being with you,
    As I hated to love being with you...

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  • Why is it that we love the ones who ignore us and ignore the ones who love us?

    6 years ago
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  • One of the hardest things to do in life is to see the you love. Put how much they love another on the internet.

    6 years ago
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  • Don't judge over what they dress like, What music they listen to, The people they hang out with. Nothing of that is defining who trully they are, They could be someone really important in your future.

    6 years ago
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