Favorite Poems of WritingtheStars

  • When I lie to you (2) 3

    by BlueJay

    I am a compulsive liar.
    Not because I want to hurt people...

  • Mode: Purple (1) 1

    by Slaughtered Pixie

    I began in hues of blue, from the lightest shade...
    Within the midst I wore no shoes, bestow no note...

  • Letting me fall in love (2)

    by The Poetic Child

    (Slam Poetry)
    His minds going 100 miles an hour, racing around...

  • Runaway Artist (4) 1 HM

    by BlueJay

    Everyone laughs at me
    for drawing a rose on your nose...

  • Confidence (4) 1

    by Brookie

    She boasts confidence,
    Eyes staring death down...

  • Disappearing on Me (1)

    by BlueJay

    "I love you... there are tears in my eyes..
    I don't deserve you as a friend, I'm messed up...