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  • (Slam Poetry)
    His minds going 100 miles an hour, racing around...

  • If I could erase my memory, believe me id do it...
    If I could give myself a concussion, id be running...

  • Connection at it's greatest, We click like a...
    Except we continue to reach permanence like a...

  • Mute mind cause I'm never understood..its tough,
    Esteem stays to the ground, cause I'm just never...

  • He has no thoughts no words, he only speak through...
    tortured pain, Not physical, just a little more...

Latest Quotes By The Poetic Child

  • For LDR (Long Distance relationships)

    My heart is bigger than our distance.

    6 years ago
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  • The day you lose Faith in yourself, we lose Faith in you.

    11 years ago
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  • I love you. There is no quote no description better to explain my feeling then [that]. Accept it and live it. The day you stop believing my love and trust, must be the day you stop having faith in everything and all.

    11 years ago
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