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OK, so I am back, new account, life hasnt been kind to me for last few months, I actually couldnt tell you how long its been, but not too long. Been in a low place in my life though, and now that its over, here I am.

Dont do things you wouldnt tell your mother about- IDK, but my CSM likes to say it alot

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  • The heart is the symbol of love, but the truth is that nothing is more hateful

    3 years ago
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  • In 5 minutes, the entire world can change, in 5 minutes, you can be on the otherside of the glass and the people you love can be gone. 5 minutes is precious. Everyones time is limited and finite, don't take 5 minutes for granted

    3 years ago
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  • Sometimes your the ruined one, sometimes your the one that causes the ruin....

    4 years ago
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