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we hate Israel
and we want them to feel

we want them to feel & know
that Palestine people are high and they are so low

they always kill
and make the people ill

the children are killed everyday
Palestine is free we wanna say

but when will that be
inshallah soon we will see

they are seeing our blood
and seeing the people killed on streets and mud

but UH....they don't care
they don't know the meaning of fare

they don't know the meaning of being free
they are cutting the heads the arms and also the tree

Palestine should be free
when we count 1 ..2...3!!!

this our message
it's not a sentence it's not a long passage

we won't hide
killing them we decide

we wanna get rid
and cut their head

we wanna hold Palestine's flag
and ( FREE PALESTINE)we wanna tag

Palestine flag colors are (Red ,Black, Green)
we WILL kill Israel and now we are mean

when the story will end
when Palestine is free we will send

Palestine is always in danger
because of Israel the stranger

when will the Arab's be strong
are not we brothers is that wrong?..

we are praying to Allah
Palestine will be free inshallah

God bless Sheikh Hamad
who was really for Palestine a sanad

sanad is an Arabic word
and soon we are going to kill Israel with sword........

free Palestine we wanna say
and on it's ground we wanna prey

i can say it out loud
I am from Palestine and i am so proud

Rama Raid Ammouri

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