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I use to have an account on here but when the site redid their image my accounts stopped working.
I wont tell you my life story here you will see it in my work . Though I will tell you A great deal of them are depressing since writing is my coping mechanism for Depression

(I Have many poems and sometimes will do Mass Uploads Sorry)
</3 5/26/17 - the day my daughter was born to early. Mommy loves you Carole Jean forever.
7/26/18- The Day my Heart started to heal. The Day my Son was born

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  • "who you chose to be around you lets you know who you are" Han Tokyo Drift

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  • I have met a few Pricks in my life
    But YOU SIR
    are the whole
    Bloody Cactus!

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  • You Dear Lady.
    Are easier then
    the first level
    Of Mario

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