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I'm at a loss.
Everyone I love has turned away.
I'm so alone.
I can't feel anyone there.
It's just me.
Me and my thoughts.

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  • People always wonder, why am I inlove with him?
    Is it his beautiful brown eyes? A dominant gene...

  • Why does it always seem that my life is a long...
    With each occasional stops, sightseeing memories...

  • Wondering when it will all come to an end,
    These walls that I built are eroding away with...

  • Pushed up against bark,
    The leaves blown in the wind gust...

  • Lonely, is how I feel when I'm you're not here.
    Unfortunately I know you don't feel the same...

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  • Damn, your eyes.

    3 days ago
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  • We're all too focused on the sunset, the beauty of the sun falling.
    But we all forget the magnifcence in the moon rise.

    5 months ago
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  • The machines of war will kill us all.

    7 months ago
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