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I like to draw, write poems. I am currently finding out that my parents are children who should never've been allowed to breed. its a sad thing when other adults agree with me. but they do. and i know this won't be easy in any aspect. ugh, this is some painful stuff.

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Latest Poems By CynicxSincexBirth

  • Silent cries lost in the breeze
    Slowly now, her heart starts to freeze...

  • My life is funny, to the untrained eye
    My parents are wonderful, but thats a lie...

  • No one hears my silent screams.
    hidden in my fearful dreams...

  • Never again, will I be overcome by pain
    No longer will I, use that razor on my vein...

  • Sin (1)

    Such cold memories lie inside
    Escaping me, in painful strides...