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I'm Jennifer. I've been writting poetry ever since I learned to write.

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  • Age : 21
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  • This year,
    I knew a father who was wrong...

  • Once upon a time,
    on these lonely pavements, shoes followed each...

  • Nothing was more astonishing than these words that...
    The ones that went on for a little longer than...

  • I cant help but to feel what I feel.
    I wont say its been facile being taken apart...

  • On the way, there will be convertions, inventions...
    people, decisions, and words need to be changed...

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  • I smile to myself out of nowhere when I think of you... I smile when I'm walking home, when I'm working... And they see me on the streets and say, "Yeah, that's that weird gal..." This is what you do to me...

    9 years ago
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  • You got me makin' errors at work because my mind is too busy fantasizin' of you-- that's what you do to me.

    I hope my boss understands my situation...

    9 years ago
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  • (cute poem my sis wrote 4 me in Spanish lol)

    Trabajadora, Estudiosa, Graciosa
    Le encanta
    Cantar, Escribir, Reírse
    No le gusta
    Su trabajo, personas raras, cuando no la miran si esta hablando.

    10 years ago
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