Praying for my son

by Jessica R

Every second of every day
i pray that god watches over you,
i ask that he protects you wherever you go
and approves of the things you do.
I shed tears till i cant cry no more
cause i fear the day u dont come back home
and my heart skips a beat every time
i hear the ringing of the phone.
praying its not about you
dreading that dreadful call with a voice on the other end
saying you wont be coming home at all.
I cant calm my nerves i try to relax
theres nothing that can bring me at ease
until suddenly i hear aq knock on the door
and with a racing heart i fall to my knees.
dear god please see me through this
my heart cant take anymore bad news,
i have enough, worried about your safety
every night u give me the blues.


Submission date : 2011-03-02

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