by Samantha

Sleek silver blade
Across my wrist
Rivers of blood
Running down my fist

I'm so sad
When I'm all alone
That I cut so deep
That I see the bone

I know it's wrong
I shouldn't do it
But when I'm alone
My wrists I slit

They found out
And they got mad
They don't understand
Why I'm so sad

One more time
I won't cry
I cut so deep
I'm going to die

You can't help me
It's too late
I finally feel happy
And my fears abate

I'm now gone
And you all cry
All it took
Was for me to die


Submission date : 2007-10-23

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Votes : 27
Rating : 4.7

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Latest comments

NoHopeLeft ( D ) at 2014-10-18

I been there, dun that unlucky in still here tho..... Gimmie time..

DanteG at 2014-12-22

I felt like I was an eye witness to it. So real and so terrible! This person has been there!

Jaliyah Pitt at 2016-01-12

Hey um , im dealing with the same problems but don't cut your wrist because thats where they'll check , they won't check your thighs . No i'm not encouraging you to cut im just telling you whats better . but yeah , im here if you need me if you're a girl you can private message me for my number and text me whenever you need any help or any guidance .

Lilith DevilHart at 2016-01-19

This explains my life in so many ways. It's amazing.

Denise Jefferson at 2016-10-28

This is so sad, we just never know what people are going through.
Beautiful poem

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