by Samantha

Sleek silver blade
Across my wrist
Rivers of blood
Running down my fist

I'm so sad
When I'm all alone
That I cut so deep
That I see the bone

I know it's wrong
I shouldn't do it
But when I'm alone
My wrists I slit

They found out
And they got mad
They don't understand
Why I'm so sad

One more time
I won't cry
I cut so deep
I'm going to die

You can't help me
It's too late
I finally feel happy
And my fears abate

I'm now gone
And you all cry
All it took
Was for me to die


Submission date : 2007-10-23

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Rating : 4.7

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Chelsea at 2013-01-28

Thought i'd share this quote with you all:

When you feel like you're ready to give up, think of the reason you held on for so long.

I've suffered with self harm problems since i was 11, i'm now 15. Haven't done it for 2 weeks which is massive for me, but i can totally relate to this poem. Good job x

Maydee ( F ) at 2013-03-04

This reminds me of the way i feel most of them time. I've had a self harm problem for over two years now and it is not something that is easy to overcome. Some people don't realize that cutting is some peoples only way of escape from the terrors of life and it's not fair for someone to be judged just because they want to find an escape.

Crystal Mays at 2013-11-27


NoHopeLeft at 2014-10-18

I been there, dun that unlucky in still here tho..... Gimmie time..

DanteG at 2014-12-22

I felt like I was an eye witness to it. So real and so terrible! This person has been there!

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