My sense organs

by Seraf

Staring at the countenance of nature, my eyes told me,……..lucky, I was born with you. Lucky I am bedecked with fringed lashes under crescent-roofed brow……

Hearing the whistles of pine forest, sounds of spring cascading from hill-summit and HSSS swaying of rice in the paddy field, my ears told me,…….the world sounds superb…….

Smelling the fragrance of roses and Amaranths flower and the aroma of scented belle, my nose told me,…….. I want to live long. I want to be immortal………

Tasting the elixir of nature and luscious fruit from the garden of harmony, my tongue thanked me,………don’t always hide me inside your lips. Let me taste this sweet world.

But, I have pity on them as the feelings they are experiencing aren’t permanent and eternal.


Submission date : 2005-01-29

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