Through The Eyes of Proud Parents

by ILoveRobbie

Through the Eyes of Proud Parents

The day has finally come
It seemed like it took an eternity
We've all been waiting for this day
To see our precious daughter
Walk down the aisle to get her diploma

We both sit anxiously awaiting to hear her name called
So much work that we have done
So many problems that we have overcome
Now we can put that all behind us

For now is the time for her to shine
To become an adult and make a future of her own
At last the principal calls her name out loud
And we stand up tall and proud!

I had to write this poem in my 12th grade English class, and it had to be in a different point of view of my Graduation, so I chose the point of view of my parents. I hope that you all like my poem!



Submission date : 2007-08-31

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Bianca ( C ) at 2007-09-30

Good job and check out my poem call I didn't make it it is listen in the special events
graduation day

nering ( F C ) at 2007-11-12

Very nicley done! I graduated last year and this is how my parents described it--they really didnt have the right words to say how proud they were but the poem sums it up! Great job

FallingDown200 at 2007-11-12

Nice poem, it had a nice flow keep it up.

Adriana ( F P C D ) at 2007-12-20

That was really good!
Ill be graduating soon too!
Good Job!

ma7fazah at 2008-06-03

Wallah la al3n sharafak law a3rafak

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