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hi.im adriana.
...ive been through hell and back alot in my life but i always get back up no matter how tired i am.
i like quotes more than poems because to me less is more and that one small phrase can speak to a thousand people.
i like helping people even though i can never seem to help myself, i just feel like i can relate to people alot and i enjoy giving poeple the advice and courage to get better.
im always available to chat so feel free to pm me whenever.

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  • You [w e r e] the only exception...

    11 years ago
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  • She throws another glass,
    Just to hear the noise.
    The silence screams the truth,
    She is trying so hard to avoid..

    11 years ago
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  • & at some point along the road i realized "im sorry" just wasnt good enough...it doesnt take the pain away...

    11 years ago
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