Private messages[one to many]

  • Boy
    9 years ago

    Hi, hope you all are good.

    i think there should be a option to send messege. one to our all favourites people..

    i have two option to send.

    1) if we want to wish our favourites. then we can send them one messege at once by selecting their name..

    2) or there should be a button send "send to all your favourites" so we can send them at once our messege. and it wont take time to send one by one..


  • Boy
    9 years ago

    Incomplete information..

    if i want to wish chirsmas to all ma faourites.. i have to send one by one... or anything we want to send our favourites.. here is one limitation and that is favourites.

    we only can this messege to atleast 20 favourites. so its limited. member.. so its not spam or any stupid thing.. i think.