Comment About Ratings oh Front Page?

  • Danny Bloom
    8 years ago

    So, I was looking at one of my more recent poems on my profile and saw that it had over 1500 visits with no comments or ratings. It's really unfortunate because I go on this website to actually see how other people like my poetry and to get criticism so I can improve. I've noticed that the amount of comments/ratings on mine(and probably many others) work has diminished over the last couple years so it seems and I was thinking that maybe if we had some kind of reminder on the front page or somewhere where it can get burned into people's minds that'd be great. Something large but nothing that will make the website not look pretty anymore ;)

    I do think that members register for this website because they want to hear from other people though.

    I'm also very aware that I could join a club and that would probably help the amount of comments, but personally, I like to hear from people I don't know much more. Maybe people just don't care about voting at all? I would think that everyone would have an opinion about a poem so I don't think a lack of opinion could be the reason for not voting.

    What bugs me is that it is so easy to vote! and hardly anybody does at all. Could we stress this a bit more? I'm sure it wouldn't hurt the readers at all and I feel like it would greatly increase the amount of quality poetry on this website.



  • Danny Bloom
    8 years ago

    That totally sucks. Ok! Well, I figured if more people voted period it probably wouldnt result in 5 star ratings all the time because I wouldnt know any of them. The same thing happened with my older poetry too. Eh, oh well.

    I guess I just dont have time for a club lol I would feel bad not being committed to everyone else because I'm rarely home.

    Well thanks anyways :p

  • Danny Bloom
    7 years ago

    LOL Should have been?

    It's bad that I'm not always active?