Guidelines for Club Accounts

  • silvershoes
    7 years ago

    The topic of club accounts has arisen in the mod forums and we've decided to implement rules regarding them. Please take a look.

    Guidelines for Club Accounts

    1. "Club" accounts, usually accessible by one or two managers or assistants of a club, should only be created for the purpose of safeguarding club information and activity, in a situation where a club manager might step down. This would allow the club to continue.

    2. Club accounts may not be used to nominate poems for the site contest, as this exceeds the 3 votes given to each senior member.
    *However, you may comment on poetry using a club account, in order to achieve senior status (so that the account may manage a club). When leaving comments, please attach your personal screen name so we can recognize individuals.

    3. Club accounts may only be created in situations described by rule 1, but should not conflict with the 2-account maximum rule that already exists. So, if you already have one account, the club account may be your second. If you already have two accounts, you have reached your limit.

    4. Club accounts are not necessary, but optional.

    5. Suspended members may not access P&Q through club accounts. Abuse of club accounts may result in loss of account privileges for the rest of the club.

    6. You are not to post a comment anonymously on poems while in a club account. If you post on a forum while in a club account, identify yourself.

    Thank you!

  • nourayasmine
    7 years ago

    Oh I see, Jane, thanks for this! :)

  • Britt
    7 years ago

    Makes good sense to me! Thanks Jane for posting!

  • Darren
    6 months ago

    Are they likely to return or are we one big club now.