International Communication issues :P

  • Beauty In The Breaking
    6 years ago

    Ok, I have been working and looking into this all night trying to find an answer or something that will work I have made no headway. My boyfriend lives in Mexico, I live in the States. What I'm looking for is a application that I can use either on my laptop or on my Kindle Fire that will allow me to text his Mexican cell phone from here without seriously over priced charges. My cell phone is rather limited so it's out.

    Considering this is an international site I was thinking someone might have some suggestions. I've found textPlus on the Kindle but I'm not sure how it'll work. Does anyone know if using MSN Messenger to send a SMS to his cell phone would work? I'm assuming it would show up as a normal text on his phone and a normal chat on my Laptop or Kindle?

    Honestly any help would be great. At least my cell supports international calling but be nice to have texting as well when he can't sign into a messenger or doesn't have time to call.

    Thank you in advance for any help.

  • James Pike
    6 years ago

    MSN Chat will work, and yes it will appear as a normal chat on your end, and a text on his phone. However, there is a downside to this. The text message to (and from) his phone will count as "out of network" texts, so if he has a limited amount of out of network, it would eat it up fast. If however, he has unlimited texting, there will be no worries about that.

    I communicate with my daughters many times from their computers to my phone (using Yahoo, in the same way). I simply text back, and it shows as a normal conversation to them on their Yahoo chat.

  • Beauty In The Breaking
    5 years ago

    Thank you so very much for your reply :) That's wonderful to know, I knew that I could do that with my older brother here in the States but didn't know how it would work with someone out of the States. I did find a nice Android app that I was able to install on my Kindle Fire E-Reader called textPlus that works well. Sends it as a normal text to his cell phone as long as he has an account on the app which is easy to make and i get it like a MSN chat thing. Thank you so much :)