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Poetry is a window to the heart & soul of a person, in it we can express the feelings, thoughts, fears & dreams that sometimes we don't even like to admit to ourselves. Through it what we bury inside can escape & can make us be aware of it whether we want to be or not. In the world of words & writing I can find worlds to escape to when my reality gets a little to much to bear or I'm too tired to stand up yet or I can say what I find it so hard to verbally tell people.

Writing is a form of self therapy for me as I tend to be a pressure cooker of the countless things I bottle up inside me. I can be as weak, soft, strong, open or vulnerable as I choose to be without reproach or fear & I can just relax from the masks I wear day-to-day. Embrace life, second chances every time you're given one, enjoy the kiss of the sunshine & laugh every chance you get, life is too short to do anything else <3

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  • The pain you feel in your heart,
    of the little tiny cracks,
    the burning of the hot tears
    scorching down your cheeks,
    simply is a nice reminder
    that your heart is beating,
    you're still alive

    6 years ago
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  • Save your pleas, no one saves the strays

    7 years ago
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  • Loving you is the most exquisite pain a soul could feel

    8 years ago
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