Stop giving me MIXED SIGNALS. fml :(

  • CountlessMoments
    5 years ago

    I've been getting mixed signals from him. We're friends, I know that. The way he talks to me through messages is like we're just friends but when we're together, he could never keep his hands off me as in always trying to hug me, always getting close to me, etc.(nothing sexual) but anyways, When we're together his attention is all to me but when we're not together, it's like I'm whatever to him. He told me that he's never up past 11pm yet when i get on facebook and look at my chatbox, it shows how long since hes been active on chat and he would still be awake till 1am. When I talk to him or message him or what so ever, He gives me short answers and like when I have nothing to say or spark up the conversation, he just don't reply. It's like he expects me to keep the conversation going.. How I see it, he doesn't care and he's probably seeing someone else. I mean, why tell me you don't sleep past 11pm because you work at 3:30am everyday from M-F and yet you're on facebook liking or still chatting with someone. I just don't get it. I'm just confused because when we're together, he's so sweet, he always keeps the coversation going, makes me laugh, tickle me, sweet talk me, kisses my cheeks, Tell me how happy he is when he's with me, etc. (again, nothing sexual) but when we're not together, it's like I'm nothing to him...

    I'm just so Confused. I deleted him off Facebook not too long ago and deleted everything else of him. I honestly hate when guys give me mixed signals. You either let me know that we're just friends or theirs something between us.

    I feel a bit hurt knowing that he would stay up for someone so late yet when it comes to me, it's like I'm not there. He'd rather choose sleep than me but with whoever he's talking to, he would rather choose that person than sleep.

    All I know is that I'm Done... but still confused. FML...

    GoodNight -__-

  • Dark Secrets
    5 years ago

    Ok... my advice for you here is
    1. STOP reading signals, there aren't any... I used to believe that there were but then I stopped when my crush started dating my best friend... and the thing is I only fell for him because I was reading his "signals"
    2. The way he is when he's alone with you is probably only because he can without anyone juding... confront him with that... tell him not to do that if it's bothering you and ask him what he thinks of you. Guys are usually very streight forward and he would tell you what he wants of you. Don't settle with a relationship you don't want and don't agree to some secret relationship.
    3. Figure out the relationship you want with him... and tell him this after you ask him, because you wouldn't want to scare him off or change his mind because of what you said.

    Good luck

    5 years ago

    I agree with dark secrets. Reading signals only confuses you because of your insecurities or fears. Ask him upfront. If he can't be honest with you then don't waste ur time. But if he feels he can't be with you online either meaning acting the same way, then he isn't the guy for u anyway. The right guy would want you no matter what. It's up to you but I'd ask him first and then just leave it be if it's not gonna go any further. But don't read into signals ever. Good luck

  • Solus
    5 years ago

    Hmmm...from a male stand point I'd say he may be sowing seeds. Your an option to him, some one he could date now or later. But it seems he isn't head over heels for you. However, everyone is different on how they deal with the overly complex world of relationships and I have never claimed to know another's heart and mind.