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I'm an odd person. I doubt most of you would even look twice at this but If you want to talk I'm here. Most find me dark but kind. I'm a dreamer and some say my eyes seem old and wise. I tend to hide behind a mask of laughter and joy, but I feel so different inside. I love music and for as long as I can remember I sought its comfort and solace for my wounds and tears.

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  • It's so cold here. Wounded, face against the...
    Faces loom at the edge of twilight, all out of...

  • I'm still here, but for how long?
    If asked years ago if I thought I'd still be here...

  • At what point does one become a burden?
    A cross that others must bear...

  • How long have I dwelt many times have I...

  • It was all right there...and in those moments it...
    I miss those moments. And though they fade I still...

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  • Why does it hurt so much to know that if you had to choose, I wouldn't be chosen?

    3 years ago
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  • Hero's are like stars, they shine brightest against a darkened sky.....I just happen to be that darkness......

    7 years ago
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  • I am so weary of this show I put on...maybe I can rest without that veil for one sweet moment....

    9 years ago
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