Talent contest Voting

  • Baby Rainbow
    4 years ago

    This is for the winning champion of the talent contest.

    Please read each poem, and PM me with the poem you want to win.

    Please vote, and remind others to vote.

    Good luck.


    Title: Heaven - Car Metaphor

    Too Late, we crossed the Intersection.

    I didn't know what hit us -- just
    ----passing by, our bodies felt "lighter than our breathing."

    The world overcrowded by violent traffic,
    ---- Our heart was to the car a green light

    to a parking spot where it could crash
    ---- for eternity. I screamed for you to dodge it.

    instead you held me in your arms
    ---- gazing and waving hello to its windows. I wanted us

    to evade it -- but you did not.


    Religion causes wars

    Juxtapose belief with pain and suffering
    remember those who died through desire
    to believe misinterpreted ramblings
    lifted from ancient tomes
    wars were never won, just lost by idiocy
    the god bothering lunatics and the bible burning morons
    Religion is a cult, fashioned to control
    A pyramid system designed for zombies
    faith an excuse for poor behaviour
    where is killing taught?
    Do the top of the chain truly believe?
    should murder continue to hide behind hypocrisy?
    How many people will die today in the name of your lord?

    Or yours?


  • Darren
    4 years ago

    Many votes?

  • Everlasting
    4 years ago

    A lot of them right?

  • Baby Rainbow
    4 years ago

    Still just the 2 votes... 1 each (obviously)

    I just can't get people voting on the challenges I host. :/

  • Everlasting
    4 years ago

    It's a tie!

    Congrats Darren. I too cheated! Those were poems that are already in my account.

    Thank you for the contest Saffie.

  • Darren
    4 years ago

    Yay!! A tie. I would not have been ashamed to finish second to luce. Thanks for the contest Saffie and congrats luce.

  • Baby Rainbow
    4 years ago

    Lol sorry guys about the voting - you both done well, so congratulations.

    Will need to think of bribes for people to vote???

  • xTheEcstasyOfSuicidex
    4 years ago

    Votes and comments always tend to work. ;)