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I believe in the power of imagination and the importance of being realistic.



I want to sip and sip from the wine of knowledge
And be drunk without worries
But I rather just want to sip and sip from the water of wisdom
And remain sober,
Until I become purify
Until I satiate my thirst to understand life
Until I feel hydrated with joy
Until I feel alive

April 4, 2015


My love is as deep
as a black hole,
as vast as the universe,
and as incandescent as the sun

but above all

my love
my love

invisible and unreachable to any
to those
who dare explore


Open your mind
As if your mind was a never ending book,
And see how
From page to page, and day by day,
Your mind streams ideas
From different perspectives.

Lucero L. (L.L)

I Will Choose (year, 2016)

From today onwards,
I will choose to see the world
as there is no evil nor any goodness
But rather
as there is a bunch of ignorance
caused by a lack of a fully developed intellect
in humans

I will strive to be less of an ignorant
But I will try to remember
that no matter how much knowledge I posses
I will always remain an ignorant

I will choose to give my very best every single day
even when my very best isn't enough,
but least, at the end of the day,
I won't live with regrets;
Other than, with the regret
that my very best isn't good enough.

I will also choose to doubt everything
Even my own self
Until I no longer doubt
And everything becomes clear.

And when I find myself thinking negatively,
I will continue to do so, just to get an idea of
the worst case scenario
To later gather the positive aspects
And move forward from there

I will choose
while I have the choice to do so.


Sometimes, you got to do what you got to do.

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  • Poetry purpose is to build connections by appealing to the senses. When we attempt to express our feelings, we open up a connection to understanding ourselves. When someone else reads what we express, there’s an a opportunity for a possible connection.

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