Moving on

  • Veeda
    3 years ago

    What are some stories of you moving on from a relationship?
    I'm currently trying to move on from this last relationship I was in and figured it would help if I heard other stories. Some uplifting or sad. I just feel like this feeling will never go away. Time heals all wounds but boy, I wish I could fast forward all of the pain.

  • LostSoul
    3 years ago

    Where do I begin with mine.... I have loved him for 7 years and 5 months, in fact I met him on here all those years ago. I wish I had never deleted my old account but when you have your first breakup you start trying to delete anything that reminds you of them and then you realise that no matter how hard you try the one thing you can never get rid of are the memories of all the beautiful times you had... He broke it off a few years ago and now he talks to me once in a while, comes back into my life then walks out again... The last time was 2 months ago and I never know why he chooses to do that to me, I have so many unanswered questions which is one of the hardest things... I dream about him constantly and still think about him endlessly because he was that one in 7 billion to me, his thoughts were greater than any painting ever painted and any story ever told, we'd talk for hours and I'd never be bored. He had that imagination where you could feel him painting it all so vividly in your mind, I would close my eyes and literally feel as if I was right there with him... To me he was the greatest poet, the most amazing lover and best friend..... They say perfection does not exist but for me he was the definition of perfect.... My whole entire body would go weak when I'd hear his voice or I'd see his pictures and when I went to visit him I couldn't even look him in the eyes for longer than a few seconds!! Because everytime I did it took my breath away, literally.... I cannot even begin to describe what I felt when we first kissed and when I first felt his touch.... How do you ever let go of that kind of love!!??? I stopped waiting for him to come back but I never stopped looking for a glimpse of him anywhere I could.... He is and was my one and only soul mate.... There is no man that could ever replace him even though he's moved on with another woman. I am so stupid and pathetic!! I wish I could tear out my heart and feed it to the piranhas!!!

  • Beautiful Soul
    3 years ago

    It can be difficult. Since I am married now I won't go into much detail but my past one: one of them I had to stop being their friend because it hurt too much because I loved them. The last one I wrote a poem. Yes I know that is crazy but it helped me move on, also the fact I found someone else

  • GB
    3 years ago

    Invest your time in anything other than thinking of a lost relationship, It's exhausting and useless.

    I started working in a charity clinic after a failed relationship, it helped me to start thinking of new things and meanings in my life... After few months I met my husband, a very loving gentleman, helped me to discover how pain of the past can be truly forgotten.

  • bequi
    3 years ago

    Cry if you have to
    be with your family and friends
    make a new hobby and be busy