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GODisgreat, JESUSChristisLord, +256-781-345712, Gooner, Cartoongineer aka "E", Michael Jordan (Puskas, Pele, Jairzinho, Barnes, Ginola, Romario, Cantona, Petit, Vieira, Pires & Messi) Fanboy, Steaua, AikoGraphics (since 2003): For Creative Designs and Portraits, Arua Cartoons, Suicidologist, Ugandan Lugbara Artist born in Jinja (1984), officially called "Edward Aikobua" without the Y in my Surname which translates "Happiness is in Heaven" (because there is Death on Earth) and also pennamed "Aiko (Cartoonist)"...

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  • Age : 36
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : Uganda
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  • First, Imagination is required;
    Then Sketching is done using pencil, charcoal...

  • Pain is what you feel when evil is leaving your...
    When you break a bone...

  • The thought of this divine Lugbara woman feels...
    I ease the weight by telling her I love her very...

  • My childhood dream was to become a footballer,
    Dance around zone 14 like Romario...

  • When I get a disease or fever,
    Whether Malaria, Typhoid or Flu...

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  • We are just visitors sent to this Earth in a fleshy craft, then we depart with nothing.

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  • When you win, other people lose. When you lose, they win.

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  • Give thanks to GOD for everything you have and everything you don't!

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