My sincerest apology...

  • Impulse
    3 years ago

    It's been nearly 4 years...

    You bared your soul and were willing to reconcile and fight for what meant most to you and like a coward I ate your feelings and spat them out destroying meant most to me...... I forgave you a long time ago now I must forgive myself... but the lessons will forever serve as painful reminders.

    I failed in so many ways and could never apologize enough for the things I did or said or the fact that I pushed you away to avoid the pain when in reality we should've been made stronger... We could have been indestructible and I have faced regret EVERY day.

    I am truly sorry for what we lost :'(

    Regrets are useless but getting rid of them is easier said than done.... what I wouldn't give to have made just a few different choices to make the difference between love and loss...unfortunately pride came before the fall.....damnit... You will always have a piece of me.

  • bequi
    3 years ago

    Its never too late, perhaps, when ur ready share this apology msg to ur lost love

  • Meena Krish
    3 years ago

    In the moment of heat we don't realize what we are saying, doing and what results our actions will produce. It takes time and when it clicks that is when regret sets in and yes its easier to say it and get rid of it; but it lasts...

    I agree with the above comment, when time is right and you are ready seek what you lost and apologize...take care.