Happy to comment

  • Ben Pickard
    1 year ago

    If anyone wants anything specific read, just leave the link/title below and I would be more than happy to give HONEST feedback. Closes on the 20th March.
    All the very best

  • Ben Pickard
    1 year ago


  • - Mr. Darcy
    1 year ago

    Hello Ben,

    I would like to take you up on this.


    Many thanks in advance.

  • Ben Pickard
    1 year ago

    Done, Michael and a wonderful piece it was too, so thank you for pointing me in that direction.

  • Red Yoshi
    1 year ago


  • Lune de ma vie
    1 year ago

    Me, any one of mine you want Ben. I'll comment back to a poem of yours too.

  • Mihir Deshmukh
    1 year ago


    if you could spare the time to read it, I would e really grateful!

  • Michael D Nalley
    10 months ago


  • Yakori bint Muhammed
    9 months ago

    Ben I'll appreciate your comment on mine.


    Thank you so much in advance. You're an inspiration.