Anyone want to help write some poetry Advice

  • Gianna Daniels
    2 years ago

    My name is Gianna haven't been writing lately because I can never think what to write about because it comes out wrong sometimes I write down stupid things because I can't think any advice post some poetry or email me some at [removed]

  • Em
    2 years ago

    My poetry just usually comes from the heart. Often I am inspired by people, things,and places. I write down one sentence about where I have visited and it comes to light itelf.


  • Gabriel
    2 years ago

    Well I'm still new to poetry so don't take my word as if I'm a professional but anyways from what I've experienced I would say the best time to write is when a good idea is fresh on the mind and so the more you put it off the the less creative and new it will be so my first tip would be is write at first sight of a good idea for a poem.

    2nd what usually gets my minds creative fluids going and excited is when I'm nodding my head to some enjoyable emotional music then my writers mind starts to wander and daydream what would be a suitable scene of writing to fit the tone of this music? Now this writing can be in any form a story, epic poem, motivational speach, anything. But here's where you cann get lost in the daydream after all, ideas are cheap aren't they? You could come up with 10 or 20 different ideas of what to write about Within 20 minutes that's when you start to get bored so before that happens you need to choose what to write and put some focus on it to decide whether it's worthy of writing or not. Poems aren't just some glossy thing with fancy words, the best poems are from the heart. Now you got to ask yourself does this idea matter to me do I find it important, does it interests me at all, can I relate to it, am I passionate about it and is it really worth sitting down and writing about for an hour or so. If your answer is mostly no to all these questions then obviously it isn't worth writing.

    Now after you have a good idea of what to write about the next step is to write it. recently since I've come back to writing poetry I did notice in my old poems that I would have the tendency to want to put too many messages too many themes and way too long sentences in them. so you have to Focus on what your idea originally was of course it can change but you don't want to ramble and go everywhere it will be aimless. So then you got to ask yourself what were my intentions when I first thought of writing this what was the point that I wanted to make and whatever that is stick with it. Of course if there is something that would go hand-in-hand with it and make the message more complete than by all means go ahead put it in but if you could just as easily leave that out and writing in another work then it might be better to do so. So if you have too many ideas of what you want to put in then leave them for another work if your sentences are really long break them down into shorter ideas so that you are able to create a flow and rhythm and even rhyme to the poem.

    Another quick point on detail the best detail is just enough to get your mind imagining what it is you're talking about if you go on about every little thing your mind will get bored it will be like trying to read an instruction book so remember try to keep your message short and quick to the point that way you don't drag your reader along but you give them just enough information to make him imagine it and to want to know more.

    Anyways that's as much as I can help out but remember don't take everything I say and Stone and remember I'm not a professional writer but I hope it helps.


  • - Mr. Darcy
    2 years ago

    Gabriel, this advice is appreciated. Could you summarise it into bullet points, say 10 Poetry advice tips? Or Poetry tips: 10 do's and don'ts. This would present your help in an accessible format. Perhaps writers such as me would print it and stick it on our memo boards?

  • Gabriel
    2 years ago

    Sure I'll be glad to do that, I would have organized it better the fist time but writing on the phone for me is so slow that I use the microphone and then it comes out sloppy.

  • stormingdance (Jessica)
    2 years ago

    Sonetimes I look at photos for inspiration. I write what the photo makes me feel

  • hiraeth replied to stormingdance (Jessica)
    1 year ago

    ^ I do that too.

    A member on here, pointed out the poetry form, ekphrasis, to me, which is a poem written specifically for a picture. Here's here example of it:

    the picture is linked at the bottom.

    I also google 'title toss' and see what comes up, sometimes already having a title ready inspires me to write. :)

  • Nayana G K replied to Gabriel
    1 year ago

    Remove that thought from your mind that "I am not professional writer." Feel the sunrise, the rain, the breeze, smile of your loved ones, emotions, heart touching moments of your life and pour your heart out in whatever you write. Poems need only feelings and the way of expressions is just secondary.

  • CJ Maleney
    1 year ago

    I've come to realise there are no rights and no wrongs.

    Poetry is life, is love, is experience, is fantasy, is reality. It's everything you have, can and will know.

    You can make every grammatical error possible and I do on a regular basis. Does it make it less poetic? Just because you wrote what was in your head before it was lost and did not conform?

    No! I think not. You could be the world's best wordsmith and pluck every word from your vocabulary. You can be a master of words, syllables, vowels and stories. It does not make you a poet.

    Only your heart can do that.



  • Merope
    7 months ago

    I know this thread was not meant for me but I have found a lot of helpful advice here so thank you.