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I'm a pretty average kinda guy, apparently quite smart, but often too dumb to see what is in front of me. I seldom use elongated and overly expressive words when a simple one does exactly the same job.

I sometimes think I've an overly active brain. Sometimes I will write random twaddle, sometimes something lovely, sometimes of memories both good and bad. Sometimes of sadness and depression although I can mask these quite well at times. Lately I find it a good outlet for anger and frustration.

Frustration about society mostly of late.

I tend to write a lot of things that rhyme although many don't start out as such, not always but quite often.

I think I like the basic mathematical structure of rhymes it's kinda order out of chaotic thoughts. Then again I'm the same guy who has a thing about things being symmetrical.

Currently trying to learn to play the guitar and not doing so well.

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Latest Poems By CJ Maleney

  • Every autumn the roses fade away
    And when they do, bees cease to fly...

  • Not often I get to let my hair down,
    But then I ain't got much to touch...

  • Pride (5) 3

    Well I guess I'm going to pride this year!
    Because my daughter wants me there...

  • I've lived my life for eternity,
    So many things for me to see...

  • Sat on the door step with a beer in one hand.
    A cigarette in the other...

Latest Quotes By CJ Maleney

  • Never think that wisdom is gained through intelligence.

    It is gained by through experience.

    Even the least educated folks on this earth have knowledge of things most of us never will.

    6 months ago
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  • Sometimes it's easier to come down than to go up!

    Being down and at rock bottom has one benefit.

    You can only go up from there.

    If you wish!

    2 years ago
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  • Strangely I'm far nicer to people I dislike than I am to my friends. I'm not sure but perhaps I simply like seeing people smile.

    2 years ago
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