How can I write Poetyr

  • virginialuther12
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago by Larry Chamberlin

    In a college poetry course, my professor instructed us to write "one poem per week." It is a workshop format - 12 students, we deconstruct every of the poems, cook them black, burn them, shift them. It was a particularly awesome experience. I found it killing to keep up the writing pace from the site. To go over a poem, again and again, remove the weeds, shorter, compact, consider all of the elements of writing that make poetry, re-write again, find the heart and re-write again.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    11 months ago

    You certainly have hit on my own philosophy: a good poem is never written - it is rewritten.

  • Nayana G K replied to Larry Chamberlin
    11 months ago

    Hey nice

  • Everlasting
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Spit and post. If you are concern with grammar and punctuation, then try to fix it. If not, leave it like that, and that's it. Or as you are writing the poem, make edits and leave it like that. Then on the future, you may use it for inspiration and come out with another poem.

  • gopi nath replied to Nayana G K
    9 months ago, updated 5 months ago

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