The One that Got Away

  • Tony
    1 year ago

    Met an angel on the playground when I was 9 and she stole my heart.... ok ok I gave it to her. But it was as simple as that I knew even then it belonged to her so why hold on to it? In highschool I asked her out, at first I was sure she would say yes, she and I were talking about moving foward for a while, but she didn't want to risk the friendship. Irony of ironies, we drifted apart and didnt talk for 10 years. I have two daughters, and a failed marriage to a lying woman who trapped me through pregnancy (funny how people admit things when they drink). She had two long relationships, both cheated on her. Now shes engaged to her boyfriend of a year and here I am... a grown man pining, the Charlie Brown posterboy for unrequited love. Anyone else miss the taste of penutbutter?

  • Em replied to Tony
    1 year ago, updated 1 year ago

    I know exactly how this feels Tony but it's pretty weird as I met (who I believe to be my soul mate) when I was 6.. we went every where together, did everything together.. he was my first kiss man years later and he was well my first boyfriend, best friend and the first person I was intimate with but he left for America when he was 17 as his family wanted a new life, I was devastated, we spoke then lost touch until 2 years ago when I found him back when I used social media and my heart broke again as he is married with 2 kids but he was back in the uk so we met up 1/2 way and he told me he never stopped thinking about me.etc etc but that he was happy now! We are still in touch but it doesnt seem the same.


  • The Poet Behind The Poems
    1 year ago

    The one that got away is a term used frequently most people can relate, I believe two sides exsist. The rear side where like if it was written the happy ending does find its way like my friend who never dared go for his close friend now they are together after his 10 year relationship ended.

    And the other is the question should you wait for the one that got away? Maybe you'll miss the one that will stay? At such a young age it's hard to say how you feel because we don't fully understand, sometimes you get put in the friend zone and all that time was just the love of having a friend and feeling it for the first time, the way I've always gone about is fight for love but if love isn't there to fight for, you need to see that if they are not the one the one is still somewhere.

  • BlueJay
    1 year ago

    In regards to missing someone and still having things to say to them here are two places to check out: and they are especially helpful to artistic/poetic souls.

  • Milly Hayward
    1 year ago

    Sometimes it is only the idea of the one who got away that is compelling only because they got away. Rose coloured glasses tint the colours of memories and are sometimes used as a protective barrior against future heart break

    I remember in my 30s meeting a guy who remembered me from school. He could remember me right back to a day when we were six when i stood at the front of the class to read. He said that the sun streamed through the window and was shining on my very long golden hair as I read Goldilocks. Apparently I used to read quite often to the class something I had long forgotten.

    I don't think I was ever the one that got away but I was very touched that he remembered me from such s long time ago.