I Need Help With Something

  • Abstract Poet
    3 months ago

    Someone send me a message giving advice about Limerick giving me a website to prove my poem to help to write a better Limerick. I have looked up that website that wouldn't help me why would she send me that website to prove my poem like I care. But I do need help with this can someone read my poem Kissing My Eyes it's a Limerick? Can someone tell me what you think?.

  • mossgirl19 replied to Abstract Poet
    3 months ago

    Hi, Abstract. Ohh, don't be so sad I'm sure the one who sent you the website does not want you to feel bad about your works. You are a great writer and it will not make you lesser in any way.

    I have read Kissing My Eyes and for me it has humor in it. Maybe just not the kind of humor that 'stands out' after reading it once. I guess not the kind of humor that hits the reader straight in the face and prompts them to grin or laugh right away.

    Also, limericks follow a certain rhyme scheme, and just like any other poetry forms, there is always that danger of interruption in the message in our word choice just to achieve the rhymes. This may be one factor also that hindered me from appreciating the humor in your poem.

    The first may not be the best one yet, but I'm sure the next ones will be very great! Keep writing! :-)