Cj Maleney

  • CJ Maleney
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    This is me.

    I wrote under a my old alias as it signified my mental status and inner fight.

    I do not trust Web land and I do not trust the Internet. So old fashioned I guess

    I trust you guys though!

    So hello

    I would like to introduce myself.

    I am

    Craig Joseph Maleney.

    It's time to be me and it is time to be free

    Regards all


  • Brenda
    9 months ago

    Well welcome Craig! I'm so glad to meet you. I'm really happy you feel comfortable enough with all of us to be so open-Thank you Craig!

  • Kitty Cat Lady replied to Brenda
    9 months ago

    Hi Craig **waves**

  • Mark
    9 months ago

    Craig I'm a big fan of I Light a Light. Hope it does well this week!

  • (we & why)
    9 months ago

    Welcome, Craig Joseph Maleney

  • CJ Maleney replied to Kitty Cat Lady
    9 months ago

    Waves back lol

  • CJ Maleney replied to Brenda
    9 months ago

    Something I've been considering for a while Bren.

    Craig x

  • CJ Maleney replied to Mark
    9 months ago

    Thanks dude but I've read the stuff it stands beside, doesn't stand a chance lol but thank you

  • Em
    9 months ago

    When I first saw your name I thought you were a newbie but then read on and realised it's you (of course) and I smiled because you're now part of the family even more so should I say seems you now feel free to be you.
    Welcome again Craig, take care