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  • Brenda
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Hi everyone! I was talking to another poet on the site and this person had an awesome idea of posting any poems of love or encouragement you might have for Andrea and her baby bird. There's been a number of them out on the boards already and from what I have heard it has given Andrea and Robyn great comfort. So write what you feel from your heart and I'm sure they will feel all our love and support this amazing group of writers have to give. Hugs! These are Four heartfelt poems already in

    To you, Andrea, and your Bird
    by Ben Pickard Nov 5, 2017category : Nature, environment / nature

    A little rhyme for dandelions -
    for mistletoe
    and such;

    to poets who have written of
    a dove, a wren
    or thrush.

    The open fields that gleam with gold,
    or rivers and
    the streams;

    the stars that wink, the dewy moss -
    the sunlight's
    warming beams.

    Behold all this and drink it in
    and smell the scent
    in weeds;

    let oceans, cliffs and mountainsides
    turn nightmares
    into dreams.

    And when you're spent, your glitter dulled -
    the moonshine dimmed
    by half -

    don't let the rain put out your flame
    or quell your
    happy laugh.


    *For Andrea and her Bird. My thoughts and sincerest
    best wishes are with you always.


    Ben Pickard 2017


    Baby bird (for Robyn)
    by Brenda Nov 8, 2017category : Miscellaneous / Misc. poems

    I haven't really flown
    in so long-
    You know, that pure flight...
    Flying high
    the trade winds keeping me
    on course-
    All well with myself and this life.
    Alas my wings have been
    badly scarred-
    Years on the streets
    have left them broken and torn.
    But I will soar again-
    For inside this body
    beats a strong heart-
    A heart of a warrior...
    They say it takes
    a village
    to raise a child-
    I know I'm not alone
    in this fight.
    My family, my friends,
    total strangers
    sending prayers-
    sending strength-
    sending so much love...
    For me-
    A person even I had given up on...
    They all believe,
    just as I do,
    that I will fly again...


    Birds of a feather (dedicated to Andrea)
    by Michael Nov 7, 2017category : Friendship, family / family

    A Raven-ous croaking;
    echoes of haunted

    Frenetic flapping-
    they flock.

    Clack and snap
    at her twigs
    of tranquillity!

    drooled from their
    carrion minable!


    dark humour.


    Scavengers of a
    heinous pecking

    I prey!

    Feathers ruffled.

    For she is a mother-
    an Eagle.

    Now landed.

    Huffin and Puffin..
    they take to the sky.

    An unfancied


    good riddance!

    * Please not this is a re-post and slightly edited -
    a dedication to Andrea and her family*

    Also - not to be nominated. Thank you
    Michael :)


    Little bird
    by Black hole Nov 8, 2017category : Friendship, family / family

    Sweetheart, let me sing you a lullaby
    on a night of November.
    Do not fear of this loneliness,
    I will always be with you - remember.

    I know we are far from the lights,
    but if death comes I will warn her.
    Pumpkin, do not forget,
    I am your lantern even in the darkest corner.

    In this melancholy of the Autumn,
    I paint roses with tears of the moon.
    Oh Moon-flower, once the spring comes;
    little buds won't take much longer to bloom.

    Hey Little bird, hold my hand
    and try to fall in your pearly glow sleep.
    You will fly once again at oceans' end; your
    dreams reach the shores - nothing is to weep.

  • ddavidd
    11 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    Wow These are awesome writes. The very heart of P&Q pouring. I hope others too would joine.
    What a wonderful Idea, What a wonderful thread dear Brenda.

  • Ben Pickard
    11 months ago

    A lovely thread, Brenda, as ddavidd says. A special place this.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    11 months ago

    The Uncaged Songbird

    Winter storms long past
    yet show their damage
    twisted wings torn feathers.

    Too far from the nest or not
    she found her way home
    to nuzzling ministrations

    Straightened wings still
    can’t make the robin fly
    but she shelters under mom’s

    The tolls of the bad season
    brings wee one to the brink
    hen still smoothes feathers.

    Poor Robin sings her final
    song of dedication to others
    who’ve not yet found home

    Brilliant melody taken up
    by mother bird in sweet woe
    robins pass angels fly again

  • ddavidd
    11 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    How sweet dear Larry

  • Michael
    11 months ago

    Lovely and thoughtful thread Miss Brenda.

    So wonderful to see lovely tributes posted-for a fellow poet and family in very uncomfortable times

    Michael x

  • Brenda replied to Larry Chamberlin
    11 months ago

    Larry, this is just beautiful! A lovely dedication to Robyn and Andrea.

  • Brenda replied to Michael
    11 months ago

    Thank you Michael. It touches my heart to know when one of us hurts, we all do. I know as parents it's the last thing we want our child to go through.

  • Maple Tree
    11 months ago

    I'm in tears and Robyn is in awe of such beauty.....she is getting these in print if that is ok with all of you....she wants to have these with her....what all of you are doing for my child and myself has given me and Robyn a special kind of comfort....thank you

  • ddavidd
    11 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    See Brenda you made a difference. Made these two birds to sit for a little on the branches of these beautiful words, and feel if life is not forever, love is!!

  • Brenda replied to Maple Tree
    11 months ago

    Andrea, we love you, you are part of this crazy P &Q family. In in some small way we can bring comfort to you and Robyn, that's all that matters. There's no need to thank us...we all hope you are just feeling the love.

  • Brenda replied to ddavidd
    11 months ago

    Love is indeed Frank! Thank you!

  • Darren
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    I haven't written anything in a while so re-wrote this for you both;

    How do you know........those moments are here
    Is it the longing, yearning....or the worry when torn apart
    a minute alone a lifetime wasted, does hearing her name awake you
    sharing a moment, knowing it was golden, or crying in her arms feeling sad
    dare you imagine a life without her, soldiering on bravely, just a distraught shell
    Is it those moments during daydreams when you picture her face, her smile
    Or the times you cannot sleep, because you haven't shared a laugh today
    have you felt hunger from the pit of your stomach eating happiness
    her laugh now a ballad of hope, her embrace shudders your soul
    Concentration long since departed, just lingering thoughts
    her image, her being, have found a place in your mind
    Your beating heart skips when she calls you,
    world around slows down to a halt
    when she kisses you goodnight
    nothing in life matters more,
    when she says she loves you
    you just wonder quietly,
    could she love herself
    is this what love is
    pain, hope, belief
    you should know
    It found you
    through her
    And her

    (looks better centred)

  • Maple Tree
    11 months ago

    Oh be still my heart

  • Maple Tree
    11 months ago

    Gathering of Angels

    I go to a place where
    dreams criss cross
    within buckets of poetry.

    Soothing pen names
    gather alongside tear drops,
    and this is where the angels gather.

    They speak in whispers,
    precious notations,
    they collect my pain in punctuation.

    These angels sing daily
    upon dark nightmares
    and lonely sunsets;

    they dry my sorrowful tears.

    They comfort my baby
    when she thinks she's alone,
    just by the beautiful words they write.

    These angels, they guide me
    and will be with me always -

    and they thought they were just poets....

    *For the P and Q Family*

    I thought I would add one as well

  • Brenda replied to Darren
    11 months ago

    Darren, this is really lovely.

  • Brenda replied to Maple Tree
    11 months ago

    Love you Andrea! This is just beautiful! Hugs-

  • Michael replied to Maple Tree
    11 months ago

    Ah Andrea,

    such a lovely poem to write and post to your fellow poets. I am honoured and sending love and warmth, with all thoughts for you and your family :)

    Much love
    Michael xx

  • Poet on the Piano
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    This site is so full of love.
    Andrea... that was beautiful.

    The Bird of Every Season

    They keep saying
    "winter is coming, be prepared"
    but what do they truly mean?
    Her heart survives every season.
    I know you dread these months,
    though spring still lovingly calls
    and summer croons in your bosom.

    And I watch, as you nurture her,
    waking in the shadow of her wings,
    as she was once born under yours.

    You gave her life and look,
    she is still blossoming -
    her wings will not give in
    to the weight of the world;
    despite the cruel weather that
    tries to corrode all hope,
    she will rise again.

    She will fly to you, always to you,
    never away...

  • Poet on the Piano
    11 months ago

    A Song Only A Mother Could Sing

    This is a love that can't be taught,
    a love that can't be replicated,
    for each daughter is unique,
    the song she bravely sings
    flowing from the purest rivers of her heart.

    This is a love that sparks throughout generations,
    that could never be tainted by earthly possessions,
    that always comes back no matter the hardship.
    This is a love that travels nations, galaxies,
    that creates its own vision of what heaven must be like.

    This love is sung loudly on the darkest night,
    when the moon hides away and everything weeps.
    This love is a garden that feeds mother and daughter alike,
    and that the whole world can become inspired by.

  • Brenda replied to Poet on the Piano
    11 months ago

    Mary Anne, these are so beautiful...

  • Mark replied to Poet on the Piano
    11 months ago

    Just beautiful *tear*

  • Maple Tree
    11 months ago

    Be still my heart

  • mossgirl19 replied to Poet on the Piano
    11 months ago

    Two beautiful pieces, Mary Anne. What a wonderful inspiration.

  • ddavidd
    11 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    Beautiful poems Mary Anne. So heartfelt!

    Darren great job making a beautiful poem and in the same time drawing the map of Latin america, all the way down to the Chile, the homeland of Pablo Neruda.

  • Brenda
    11 months ago

    My Journey

    I see a light
    up on that horizon.
    I'm not afraid-
    I feel at times
    I've already lived a thousand lives....
    I'm sad though-
    it's not easy to say good-bye.
    I want to hold on-
    knowing I won't be able to
    makes each moment precious,
    every memory etched
    in my heart...
    A lot of water
    has run under my life's bridge.
    At times, whirlpools,
    swift and dangerous -
    I won't lie, I've been pulled under
    a time or two.
    Now, a more peaceful current
    has me drifting ever closer
    to the end of my journey...
    I won't say everything
    was grand-
    But I know
    deep in my heart,
    the good outweighed the bad.
    Mama, don't be sad -
    Your baby bird
    is finally gonna fly again...

    Written with love to a child I have never met but through her mom's amazing words have grown to know and love as one of my own....I wish you a safe journey Robyn- hugs sweet girl -

  • Em
    11 months ago

    I have been trying to write something but words fail me. I hope you know I'm thinking of you both

  • ddavidd
    11 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    lovely Brenda.

    Dear Em don't feel pressured. I don't think that is what Andrea or Brenda want you to feel.

    Everyone knows how loving person you are.

  • mossgirl19 replied to Em
    11 months ago

    I was going to say the same thing, Em. Words just fail me and I just want to support those who have written for dear Ms. Andrea already. Beautiful pieces.

    Frank, I thought of the shape as a wing. :-)

  • Brenda
    11 months ago

    Oh definitely, don't stress it, this is just a thinking of you thread. I really think Andrea knows how much we all love her.

  • ddavidd replied to mossgirl19
    11 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    "Frank, I thought of the shape as a wing. :-)"
    Oops. Lets just pretend I knew that but I thought it looked more like Latin America. ;) ;)


  • Maple Tree
    11 months ago

    Em, I got you my sweet....thank you, love you

  • ddavidd
    11 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    <<Living for Two>>

    How I am burning!
    These fire woods would never go out of stock!
    How I am disintegrating
    to something weightless, pure, ethereal!
    How the world is burning with me!
    This fire would never go cold!
    This fiver is glowing in my bones,
    percolating where
    no substance has ever reached
    before being scorched beyond
    The flesh!

    My proud is burning,
    my book of poetry,
    all my worldly possessions are burning
    I am metamorphosing to flames
    I am left empty
    only an eternal rhyme
    in my heart!

    I am ready to move in with you
    in the world that will be soon vacant of you.
    I am going to live
    I am going to celebrate you,
    your life
    your presence in me,
    the way you would enjoy
    living it.

  • Brenda replied to ddavidd
    11 months ago

    Wow Frank-this is amazing!

  • mossgirl19
    11 months ago

    Frank...a superb piece.

  • Darren replied to ddavidd
    11 months ago

    Frank, I am not sure why you are apologising.

    If the shape looks like a wing then that’s just a lucky coincidence. Or happy accident. Centred on a pc screen rather than a mobile it is heart shaped.

    Thanks for the apology I will save it and store it away. I am not that easily offended so may be filed away for a while.

  • ddavidd
    11 months ago, updated 8 months ago

    Thank you Brenda and Liz. Thank you ladies!!

    I am so glad that you are not. Though the level of the sensitivity is very high nowadays, specially in my case, I have to be extra carful. The other day I almost got pinned for using the word TRUTH.
    Okay now I get it , You say the wing was not intentional. I thought the shape ( whatever it my be) was accidental Then when I thought you designedly wanted to address Andrea's bird by drawing a wing, I thought it was proper to apologize.
    Good to see old members are active again.

  • Em replied to ddavidd
    11 months ago, updated 11 months ago

    Indeed Frank I know that it was just that everything I write just didn't put what these beautiful people are going through right and I so wish that words could work miracles in that respect

    leaves fall like broken
    wings of a battered angel.
    She'll fly again soon.

    Much love

  • Brenda replied to Em
    11 months ago

    Awww, beautiful Em!

  • mossgirl19
    11 months ago

    Little Bird's Story

    A little bird, it longs to fly
    But ruthless winds led her to cry
    Afraid and weak, she comes to Mama Bird
    Who tells her, "Baby, this is a cruel world."

    She wraps her round her stronger wings
    "My Love, this is the course of things.
    and yet my darling, my little angel dear
    Mama Bird is here, have no fear."

    "The storms are here to cause you ill,
    but Mama's love will surely heal
    and through your pain, Mama will be there
    to carry all that you have to bear."

    Mama Bird lets a tear escape her eyes
    And sings to Little Bird a sweet lullaby
    As Little Bird gently falls asleep in her embrace,
    She whispers, "Baby, if only Mama can take your place."

    Mama Bird paints a gentle smile
    Believing things will be better in a while
    And that Little Bird soon will fly
    Fly so high, up in the sky.


    A mother's love and faith can move mountains. Praying always for you and Robyn and for your family.