Weekly Contest Results March 5th 2018

  • Meena Krish
    9 months ago

    Hello Everyone, first off thank you judges for your timely votes and comments
    and efforts. Congrats to our front page winners: Nema, Andrea and BlueJay and
    all those who received a HM. A round of applause to all these poets. Here are the


    A breathing mask of chaos by Nema

    Ivory scarf and pink sneakers by Andrea

    Laid to rest by BlueJay


    “Ivory scarf and pink sneakers” By Maple Tree (7 point)

    This heart-wrenching piece from Andrea tore me to the core. A painful description of
    trying to navigate life while the worst thing that could possibly happen is actually
    happening. It is every parent’s worst nightmare realised and the line “I’m not the
    only mother who aches so bad that her nails sting from anxiety” really expresses the
    visceral pain. Much love to you and Robyn and I hope P&Q helps you feel a little less
    alone x

    Ivory Scarf and Pink Sneakers by Maple Tree (points 7)

    Here we have another episode in what seems like a nightmare yet instead it's
    someone’s real life and that life is someone so beautiful yet someone that has
    gone through so much rubbish recently and still holds their head up high and
    makes time to help others who she deems less fortunate than her, I really like Andreas
    spirit in this and the fact that she holds even herself together.


    “A breathing mask of chaos” by: Nema (4 points)

    A truly heart-breaking piece of writing, that sadly brings the truth of war and the
    devastation and pain that is left in its wake. A vivid account of ‘real-life’ times in our
    world. A piece that struck my heart with such sadness, and despair. The author then
    shows us the beauty of a ‘blue curtain background’ being the color of the sky I sense,
    but spoiled with war blemishing the picture, and finally with the ‘authors note’ at the
    end about the image taken to write this. A very powerful piece of writing, that I’m sure
    penetrates deep into all our hearts, especially when little ones are concerned. A very
    sad but well portrayed piece of writing. Well done


    A Breathing Mask of Chaos by Nema (Points: 10)

    A tribute to ashen faces beneath rubble. A broken glass of blood. Everything
    burns in this poem, hurts and burns again. Sometimes I ask myself what are words
    worth of when the only device capable of change now is terror? Maybe the mere act
    of reminding found in poetry is valuable and capable of a slow-paced change, too? The
    author trains a gun on the face of neglect, perhaps we are reminded that some spots in
    the world refract but black rainbows. I saw the picture which triggered this gem.
    Devastating to say the least. A train of ugly thoughts even crossed my mind then. Is the
    will to live and survive this overwhelming? Why live? And what for? To keep on breathing
    chaos?! The irony!

    Laid to rest by BlueJay (points 10)

    This piece is excellent, powerful and extremely saddening because it shows
    that this person has been through a lot especially whilst giving, giving, giving
    to this particular person with (or so it seems) little thanks and it's now their time
    to put themselves first and say “you know what screw you because I've had more
    than enough of what I can take” this will resonate with a lot of people hear. Also,
    I absolutely love those pinpointing of time when this decision was made very clever
    and gives it a personal touch.


    Delicates by Thomas

    One-sided love by Sinners gospel

    My definition of happiness by Hales Danii

    Kitchen sense by Walter

    Locked behind lashes by Larry Chamberlin

    In Ellsworth by DepressedRaven

    I see you in the sun by Beautiful Tragedy

    A dirty beach with golden sand by Ben Pickard

    Everything by Elizabeth

    Nothing left to hide by Sathish Verma


    In Ellsworth by DepressedRaven (Points: 4)

    Beautiful diction. Spot-on flow. Sexuality between two eras. Yesterday was a ruthless pit
    in that matter. This is brilliantly summarized in “backwards marathon”. However, dear
    author, your last question is rhetorical, I suppose? Because in other parts of the world,
    countless hearts are still achromatic.

    delicates by Thomas (Points: 7)

    Thomas delicately transfers the reader to a floral atmosphere, only to turn our feelings
    all over with the last stanza. Maybe what stays of love is not shards of it, maybe it stays
    whole, yet we go on figuring out ways to bleach it. I got all the feels here. The heaviness
    in this poem is in the lightness of imagery. Something that sounds like a beautiful
    summer song. Well-crafted.

    Locked Behind the Lashes by Larry Chamberlain (points 4)

    This is an astounding piece by Larry especially when it was only brought to life
    (or so I think) by Tony's picture prompt which in my opinion made the art come to
    life. The imagery is absolutely beautiful yet so very sad that it brought a tear to my
    eye… It made me think of 2 lovers handing each other an olive branch to mend old
    wounds, fantastic.

    “Kitchen Scene” By Walter (4 points)

    Well. Take note fellas! I’m going to hazard a guess that Walter is an EXTREMELY happily
    married man – lol. This flawlessly rhymed vignette of an everyday domestic scene is
    blissful and hard to achieve in the usual humdrum of daily life. Whether fact or fiction,
    the thought behind the poem reveals a very sweet nature. Well done.

    A Dirty beach with golden sand” By Ben Pickard (10points)

    If Shakespeare were alive today – no doubt he and Ben would be having a
    Bromance! Despite the brilliantly metaphorically-laden sad tale of a broken
    heart, Ben’s spritely meter and rhyming lend themselves to this journey from
    despair through to hope. I believe that achieving apparent simplicity in writing is
    possibly one of the hardest things to do in poetry – Ben makes it look effortless,
    but we all know better.

    “One sided” by: Sinners Gospel (7 points)

    I had to read this piece a couple of times, to digest the sheer beauty and sadness that
    the author paints. A piece that is penned with flawless ink, which flows with subtle
    contrasts. I felt captivated by how the author expressed their pain of a ‘loved one’
    and the nightmares they endured. The heart-ache they depict, by painting words I
    can only describe as quite unique. A tale of as the title says ‘one-sided’ their yeaning
    for (another) where the author shows so much love for, and for their love to be to
    reciprocated. I read this slower the second time, and absorbed the depth of this piece,
    and reaching the finale of and the words “three little drops of sweetness” just beautiful.
    A remarkable and beautiful piece of wring indeed. Wonderful!

    Everything by: Elizabeth (10 points)

    I so enjoyed reading this piece, which had me gripped from the beginning to the
    end. The author takes us on a journey of their struggles, a sense of the difficulties in
    which they face to achieve their aspirations. The author describes how their life is
    not moving, and a feeling of a ‘monotonous’ time. They spend time comparing (with
    a wonderful use of language) such as: “out of tune pianos, while real musicians play
    around them” giving me a sense that its sort of the same old tune being played, with
    the all too familiar surroundings, which haunts them constantly.

    The way the author uses metaphors and images, to convey a message of a staid
    They describe their story very well, (which I must say - I can relate to myself in
    parts!) right through to the end, telling us of finally they have come to a point
    with their hands feeling- “too small” to carry everything. A truly wonderful piece
    of writing, that stood out this week for me. Very well done!

    Nothing Left To Hide by Satish Verma ( 10 points)

    I just admire how the poem is tinted with sadness and yet weighed with
    Beautiful human-nature images.

    Until this minute as I am writing this comment, there are keys that I
    did not solve in the poem, and although I'm certain I might be having my
    very own interpretation of the poem, however, the writer did not fail in
    linking every stanza to the other in a mesmerizing tone and transcending
    dark emotions in my heart.

    The general mood was spooky, yet deep. My favorite poem.


    My Definition Of Happiness by Hales Danii (7 points)

    I thought the title was a bit cliche, and so was the second line in the
    opening stanza.

    However, the poem is really unique and beautiful, I love the rhythm in all
    and how beautiful the images in my head were as I kept on reading.

    I admire how you took us on a personal journey without having to be boring-
    narrative in your word choice and verb-tenses.

    I think if you fix the upper and lower cases throughout the poem it would
    look neater, and sun shine should be sunshine.

    This poem stuck to my head after reading all the other poems and found it
    front-page worthy.


    I see you in the sun by Beautiful Tragedy (4 points)

    The title sounds like a famous movie. I love that on it's on, it stands as a
    musical piece inside my head.

    I love everything about this poem, from the very first word to the very last.

    There is so much love in every sentence and so many beautiful emotions. The
    wording is so perfect that it makes the poem very real and genuine.

    A very clever writing. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ben Pickard
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    If Shakespeare were alive today – no doubt he and Ben would be having a


    As much as I would like to pretend otherwise - and as grateful as I am to the judge who thinks so - I'm afraid any bromance I had with the great man would be a little one-sided!
    Anyway, thank you so much for the comment, thank you to the new judges for a cracking week of choices and well done to the winners and everyone highlighted.


  • Em (marmite)
    9 months ago

    What a fantastic week of poetry

    Meena appreciate you positing, welcome new judges and thank you for your time.
    Well done all front page winners and HMs

  • Ya----Na
    9 months ago

    Thanks to all the honorable judges and moderators for their valuable time and selecting my poem for the HMs this week. Thanks to all dear friends from this beautiful community for their love and support. Thanks to brenda for nominating my poem
    Congrats everyone

  • Michael
    9 months ago

    Hi all :)

    Congratulations to the front page writers with their great winning pieces, and all the HMs awarded.

    To all the judges, who give their time each week to sift through all the poems, and comments given

    Much love
    Michael :)x

  • Nee
    9 months ago

    Hi all,
    This is Nema from my older account (despite the win, I won't be using that other account anymore and will continue on this one).

    Thank you so much, Judges, for the beautifully in-depth comments. I don't believe I deserved the win as there were other stunning poems out there, but it's for the people of Syria, not for myself. A virtual, weekly win that I pray would cast any shadow on them.

    Beautiful poems out there, and wonderful, constructive comments by the judges. I really enjoyed this. So thank you, and never stop writing, everyone <3

  • Nee replied to Ben Pickard
    9 months ago

    That comment cracked me up, Ben, although I do agree with the judge haha!

  • mossgirl19
    9 months ago

    Congratulations, all! Amazing job guys!

    Thanks Ms. Meena for hosting this week. Thank you also to our new set of judges, you are appreciated.

  • silvershoes
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Well done, new judges! Very well done. Congratulations to our winners and honorable mentions. Thank you for hosting the contest this week, Meena.

  • Larry Chamberlin
    9 months ago

    Congrats to the new judges for successfully finding your way about and turning in great comments. Thanks to the judge for the comment and thanks to Craig for nominating my poem.

    Congrats to the winners and other HMs. Thanks, Meena for posting.

  • Kitty Cat Lady
    9 months ago

    Congratulations to the winners and joint winners (I counted 4 with 10 points?) as well as the HMs and nominees :-)
    Thanks to Meena for hosting and to the new judges. Fab week :-)

  • Maple Tree
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Thank you Meena for hosting as well as your precious friendship and support...thank you judges for your comments, it really means a great deal to me.

    Thank you Nana for the nomination, I love you.

    Sounds like I'm making an Oscar speech, lol.

    Here lately, anytime one of my poems written for Robyn or with her in mind is highlighted, it makes me cry....her beautiful soul oozes out and within every word I write...

    Congratulations to all HMS and to Neema and Bluejay....hugs

  • naaz
    9 months ago

    Congratulations everyone, even who were in the nomination list this whole week.

    Thanks to the wonderful judges and hugs to the caring mods for everything they have given us.

    Keep on showering your love on us like this forever.

    Love you all.

  • Em (marmite) replied to Kitty Cat Lady
    9 months ago, updated 9 months ago

    Kitty I count 5 so now I'm confused as to how number 3 was chosen

  • Brenda
    9 months ago

    Congratulations to all the front page winners and HM's. Thank you Meena for hosting and our new judges for stepping up to the plate and giving up their personal time. So many wonderful writes, so many talented writers-thank you all for sharing your gift.

  • Larry Chamberlin replied to naaz
    9 months ago

    Em & Kitty Cat Lady:
    When there is a tie (in this case four poems with ten points each) the site breaks it and the winner is chosen by an algorithm; we do not know all the factors in that formula (only Janis knows & he is not talking), but apparently the more weighted factors decide for the poet with the least wins, the most popular poem, the most likes. Of all of these the one I personally have seen to be most consistent is the poet with the least wins.

  • Kitty Cat Lady replied to Larry Chamberlin
    9 months ago

    Thanks for the explanation Larry, there have been ties before though and the hosting mod has always mentioned the tie? Even if poets don't appear on the front page, it's nice to be acknowledged as a joint winner regardless of what the site algorithm decides?