I feel so OLD ;o)

  • Tara
    15 years ago

    Hello everyone. Thought I would write here just to say "howdy" (hey, I'm from the south!......) I've just turned 21 and living in North Carolina now. Poetry is my escape in this sad excuse of a life I am going through right now. My poems are under "Tara" are are the 11 bottom poems, staring at 8/15/03, if anyone wants to see my attempts. I'll conclude this with wishing everyone well.

  • Rachel
    15 years ago

    To be honest, i feel old too. I'm 20. It's weird.... but we're not old. Just wise. : )

  • AI
    15 years ago

    I feel i must add something in this topic. When i first read this thread, i laughed and said to myself, "you're as old as you think you are. I don't think i'm old, i don't feel old, so i guess i'm not old".

    But now that i've read a few comments on my poems and other, I don't know anymore. Is there that much difference between how Australian and other counties talk, or have i become like Brian up there (no offence) and lost the ability to relate with the teens?

    I seriously have no idea what these words or phrases mean:
    - that wuz freakin tight man!
    - damn that was badass
    - And this new word to me "Trippin", i read it on someone elses comment "This iz poems tippin"

    These are just an example of the kind of stuff i'm talking about. Theres plenty more unfortunately :(. I've only been 19 for like less then a month. I can't really be that old can I. :(

    AI- Anonymous Indefinitely

    *Gees could i come up with a longer fake name ;) lol