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You can do things your way; I'll do things my way. You can pretend that love is something real. You may want to say 'I love you with all my heart' then follow through with pointless talk. But I'll just be realistic and tell you that your heart is just another organ. Thus' there will be no difference in saying 'I love you with my intestines' and all the shit that comes with it. ֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿֿ ­­ AI- Anonymous Indefinitely

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  • Your heart is like a block of coal. At birth: Nothing more then a black cold stone, In Like: Becomes a cindering ball of warmth, In love: an overwhelming burst of heat, In time: Take enormous care to survive, and in death: is reduced to a pile of ashes.

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