• ihrtschlepper
    11 years ago

    Before i joined i found a poem i really liked. i saved it on my comp. and printed it out, but now i cant find it to give the person credit and shout about how amazing it was!!
    here's the poem...

    Never say I love you
    If really you don't care
    Never talk about feelings
    If they aren't really there
    Never hold my hand
    If your going to break my heart
    Never say your going to
    If you don't plan to start
    Never look into my eyes
    If all you do is lie
    Never say hello
    If you really mean goodbye
    If you really mean forever
    Then please say you will try
    But never say forever
    Because forever makes me cry

  • my name is Llama
    11 years ago

    Well i don't know if this will help but majority of people's poems titles are something to do with the main theme of line or word in the poem. so try search poems called never or forever makes me cry or something

  • Normal is the Watchword
    11 years ago


  • PnQ Mod Account
    11 years ago

    Oh boy.. someone start reporting them!!

    I know it's stolen, so in the comment box, just put "from list - plagiarized"

  • ihrtschlepper
    11 years ago

    Im confused, i looked at some on the list and they were all deleted!

  • ihrtschlepper
    11 years ago

    Yeah... ugh, i rly like that poem...

  • Sherry Lynn
    11 years ago

    Until I can get all these poems off of here I am leaving this post stickied to the top.

    So far I have reported and deleted over 200 plagairized poems within 48 hours.

    All those who are caught with a plagairized poem posted will receive full penality points no questions asked.

    ~~Sherry Lynn

  • Niinaa
    11 years ago

    That poem is really common its on so many websites no1 really knows the tru author but if someone on this site put it on and didnt give the credit it deserved then its plagarized

  • Lauren Crandall
    11 years ago



    [ a little more than halfway down ]

  • shadowknight
    11 years ago

    Its really sad how so many people can do that!!!
    Pretty funny that they didnt fully check up the site though!!!
    (That sounded mean .....sorry)

    I never realised how much of a serious problem this was!!!
    its so awful

    (i was bored so thought id join in)

  • slighte
    10 years ago


  • Gil
    10 years ago


  • ChloeLauren
    10 years ago

    Oh my god!! its such a good poem aswell!

  • xToBeWithYoux
    10 years ago

    It's a lovely poem, so sad that someone has plagarised it. Hope you find it soon :)