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i love music, currently my fave songs include: Shadow of the Day by Linkin Park, Killing Loneliness by HIM and I dont wanna be in love by Good Charlotte...

i love writing because it helps me get my feelings out... so everyone who happens to be reading this... whis is propbably no one... well, just check out my poems... if you have anything to say, leave a comment, i love hearing what you have to say!!

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  • When I sleep I see him.
    When I wake he's my dream...

  • This is a new style i am working on, tell me what...
    Fighting. Fighting to keep his head out of the...

  • My heart flies
    On the wings of a butterfly...

  • The world is spinning
    Spinning for no reason...

  • I'm not sure why it is
    that I still love you...

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  • "I know its hurting you, but its killing me..."

    12 years ago
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  • "...and I knew the only thing better than the first kiss, would be the next!"

    12 years ago
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