Writing Amazing Acrostics (Tutorial)

by Robert Gardiner   Mar 23, 2011

Writing Amazing Acrostics (Tutorial)

1) ACROSTIC - a poem where the first letter of each line spells a word that can be read vertically

2) ACROSTIC POEM: A poem in which the first letters of each line form a word or message relating to the subject.

3) ACROSTIC POEM: is a poem where the first letter of each line spells a word or phrase, usually using the same word, words, or phrase as in the title - expounding upon it.

4) ACROSTICS: A poem wherein, the first letter of each line or alternating rhymed line of a poem come together to form a word and/or phrase, with each line and the words therein highlighting that word and/or phrase (subject).

Well, now that you have a base definition of what

an Acrostic poem is, we can work from there in

tutoring you to Write Acrostics Well, and therefore,

Write Amazing Acrostics. As you can see from the

definitions Acrostics are poems where the first

letter of each line in the poem form a word,

phrase, or message relating to and/or highlighting

that subject/title. So, keeping the base definition in

mind, when writing an Acrostic, you must first

consider your subject (title) and work from that

and wok to amplify that. If you're writing an

Acrostic about someone or something you like

(love), expound upon that, extol those attributes

(assets). When beginning to write your Acrostic, no

mater what your subject be about, think about

what it is you want to write, what you want to say,

what you want and are trying to do. Use your first

line as sort of an opening statement (lead in) that

help to convey what you're trying to express and

keeping that in mind let that first line help lead you

to your second, and so on. If you're writing an

Acrostic called, "SUMMER", what is it that you're

trying to say about summer, what are you trying to

express, with and in what you're writing? When

writing your "SUMMER" Acrostic, what are you

trying to express, get across and how are you

going do that? If your wring about what you like

about summer or the beauty thereof, than let your

poem highlight that. Perhaps, you could start like

this, "Sun shinning beautifully in the sky," then

continue on to express summer maybe with a line

as such, "Uplifting, the radiance of Heaven's Eye."

See, first you stated the Sun's Beauty, then, you

expressed how uplifting it is to see. Now, you could

continue on with a line as such "Majestic, the

serenity, of a lovely summer's day." As you've

continued on with writing, you've now expressed

the serene majesty of a summer's day. Continuing

again, your next line could be, "Mother Nature's

Splendor, leaves me, just amazed." Now, you

further amplified summer's beauty, by stating the

Splendor therein, or in the process of writing your

Acrostic, you could use a different set of lines

highlighting the "M's", speaking to Summer Flowers

beginning with "M", Marigolds come to mind,

perhaps saying, "Marigolds blossom, coloring the

fields," continuing, "Magnificent, the resplendence

that summer yields." Now, with those two lines,

you've spoken to the magnificent, resplendent

scenery found in the summer. You could then close

the piece with lines, as such, "Eternal, the charm,

by summer possessed." Continuing "Raptured, I

am, by its loveliness." See, in closing out your

poem, you spoke about the charm, which summer

possesses and how that charm is eternal and

spoken also to the Rapture of a lovely summer's

day. Now, you've have completed your Acrostic,

writing with your subject in mind, fitting your

words, lines, to that subject, the title thereof your

poem, expounding upon those things that made it a

worthy write, relating each line and the words

therein to you're chosen title, subject matter, and

that is how you write an Amazing Acrostic. By

putting your words and lines together carefully to

highlight, amplify, your subject and say what you

wanted to say and give your reader (audience) a

picture of what's being expressed. You want to

show your reader why you chose that title, subject,

by the words chosen and how they relate to one

another, conveying what it is you're trying to say.

Do that and you've done your job!!! You got a Great Acrostic!!!

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