I Luv U

by ashley   Feb 8, 2008

You told me today that your Lil brother had died
and i just broke down and started to cry
I asked you to promise me you wouldn't do nothing
you said I cant promise you anything
It was late so I went upstairs to go to sleep
thats when i heard the phone beep
It was my friend saying don't be scared
I asked about what cause i cared
She said that you had done something bad
but couldn't say all so I got really mad
She said that you had tried suicide
thats when my heart dropped and i thought i would die
I couldn't move
I just didn't no what to do
As tears ran down my face
she said don't weary hes going to be OK
I just didn't no what to say
I could only sit there thinking of you
My friend said are you OK
I was in shock that would not break
she said I'm scared for you
I replied why there nothing i would do
She then said your crying to much
so she stayed on the phone with me till dusk
I prayed and prayed you'd be alive
or else my friends thought i would try and die
Thank god that you pulled through
cause i feel so much in love with you
You are now the best thing in my life
and i want to be your wife
I just cant forget that night
and how we all couldn't stand the fright
Believe it or not
I swear this night is true
and its also the night i found out i really loved you


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