Only Wishing

by Rachele   Feb 11, 2008

We couldn't make anything of it
Couldn't hold hands in the street
Or hug in front of our families
Sometimes it made me feel lost, incomplete

Coz' the age was too big
Five years, both of us teens
I was just young, a little girl
Compared to you legal and keen

We had to hide our love
We could never date
The law, our families
Played a big part in our fate

We held on for two years
But we were slipping away
It was getting too difficult
So you broke my heart and walked away

But I remember the good times
Even if it was locked in your room
We couldn't go and shout it out
If we did then we'd face our doom

You wished you could kiss me
On stage, in front on the world
That was the day we dreamed of
One day to show our love unfurled

We kept at it strong
Till I wasn't good enough for you anymore
But secretly I think I still love you
So what will you do tomorrow when I walk through the door?

Your girl will sit beside you
And stare at me as I walk in
But what will you do?
Will you see my loss within?

If I stare into your eyes
Will I see hate, cold as stone
Or will I see that beautiful girl
That did once call my own

You promised me one day
When I was sixteen
How I wished I could have walked into your arms
And not have to worry about being seen

You promised on my sixteenth birthday
You would wait outside my school
And when the bell finally rang
I'd kiss your lips and finally forget about the rules

That was our dream
Maybe to much wistful thinking
But I still wonder about that day
And if you'll be waiting

But I heard your screams
And you saw my tears
Oh that one fight
Turned my happiness to fears

I didn't want to be scared of you
But that day I lost all hope
Coz' that day I was broken
I lost all reason and now I fail to cope

I remember the laughter
And the happiness shared
And yer baby I got your messages
Telling me you used to care

We were only young, maybe too so
I was thirteen, you eighteen
But we were in love, and when I look in your eyes
I see the good times that have been


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  • 12 years ago

    by Punk Princess

    I feel your pain....I have the same exact problem right now....he is 16 and im 12.....but we love each other and we have been hiding it from everybody for a very long time.....ssshh ......=]

    Oh and fantastic poem 5/5 <3

  • ...why would you put that up?? thought you weren't on bout stacey no more rach, this isn't going to help you get over her!