An Angel

by jojo88   Feb 20, 2008

An Angel

When i first saw you that day I i knew I had to be by your side.
Your beauty was one of a kind no one could outshine you your smile was one that lit up my life and gave me light to shine in my dark world

When you talked your voice was like a song soft and sweet like a bird. When i look into your eyes all i see is the love, tenderness, kindness and caring you have for me I loved with all my heart and gave you back what you had given me and so much more. Whenever I held you in my arms I felt at peace whenever I was with you. To me you were a angel that came into my life when we kissed I felt my love grow

for you even more as the kiss grew more passionate I knew that I'd never lose you and that I truly loved you and you me. Thats why on that moonlit night under the stars on the beach I asked you to marry me so we could make our dreams come true and start a family.

Your the woman that i would do anything for to see you happy that alone is my greatest joy you know that I would be there for you even when you felt like everyones gone that they didnt cdidas the tears race down your face. I'll be there beside you to wipe away the bitter tears and hold you close to me showing you that no matter what or how you feel that i'll be there fI'llou for the rest of my days


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