Ineed a real vatO

by Laydi Dreamer   Feb 28, 2008

One whO can keep it real && always stay strOnq.
wOnt eva smile in ma face thn turn arOund && dO me wrOnq
sOmeOne whO aint On tht playa shiet && will stay dOwn fO me
nt qivin up wen tha rOad qets a lil bumpy.
tha One whO can hOld me tite thru tha nite
whO alwayz knOwz hOw tO lOve me jus rite
that dOwn asz vatO tht knOwz hOw ta put it dOwn
tha One whO will alwayz b arOund
iprOmise i'll stay tru tO yOu && Only yOu
puttin it dOwn dOin watever ihave tO dO
i'll b yer dOwn asz hyna if yOu can b ma real asz vatO
i'll b qOod tO yOu && nvr dO yOu qachO
qive me yer lOve && i'll qive yOu mine aswell
dime all yer secretz && iprOmise i'll nvr tell
ican b tha hyna tht yOu nvr reqret yOu met
bt damn where yOu at; cuhz yOu still aint here yet
dOnt trip mijO i'll b here waitinq fOr yOu
sOmewhere ihOpe ma dOwn asz vatO is waitin fO me tOo


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  • 12 years ago

    by Leah

    Thats cool azz poem, i like it...i have a real vato, un vato loco...i call him my patito feo. hes great..yours' will come someday tooo!

  • 12 years ago

    by NEYDA


  • 12 years ago

    by JR13

    Lookin for a real vato??? shit cum at me and i got you..... good poem though 10/10 i mean who doesnt want somebody thats 4 real?