She Watched

by TheLifelessDream   Mar 11, 2008

He watches the tears drop and splatter onto the photo.
He stare at her face.
The face he used to admire everyday.
She was beautiful.
She had eyes the color of the blue sky on a sunny day.
They watched him.
Something about the photo wasnt right this time.
He didnt notice at first but he had looked at the photo everyday since she died.
He knew something was different.
Her skin...
It was too pale.
It looked white.
He took a closer look and noticed something else.
She was so pale you could see the blue of her veins.
NO NO NO....
Her smile her beautiful and perfect smile was gone.
The look of happiness that she used to have was replaced by one of pure hatred.
He started to shake.
He knew what was happening.
She wanted revenge.
She would kill him.
One life to replace another.
He had killed her....
He watched as she fell out the 12th story window.
She had said her love for him was gone.
He heard her body hit the cold cement.
He heard the screams.
She was back to say her final goodbyes and bring the justice that was deserved.
She just stared from the photo at him.
He would finish the job for her.
Thats the last thing she saw from that photo.
The tears streamed down his face then with scream and a gun shot she was satisfied.
No one saw what he saw the photo lay on the floor unchanged by his side.
Her smile as bright as ever but maybe her it was a bit darker.
A bit more like a smirk than a real smile.
No one would notice...


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