What you're about

by Ashlee   Apr 3, 2008

Each day passes, and I seem to learn something new
Throughout the course of over a year I've found something so true
It's more then just a smile, a laugh or a kiss
It's something deep inside that i clearly can't dismiss

It's about being scared, and not sure of which way to turn
It's about getting to know each other, there's always more to learn
It's about comfort when I'm standing close to you
It's about trust, when it's my eyes you look through

There are so many things that I hold deep inside
All these feelings I have for you I no longer want to hide
When I'm with you it's like times at a stand still
it's like nothing else matters, because its my heart you fill.

I have so many emotions, and sometimes its hard to contain
I want to share everything with you, the love, the happiness, the joy and the pain.
This is more then just a feeling, it's beyond reasonable doubt
It's something I've been waiting for, to me this is what you're about.


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