Stupid boy.. poor boy

by ele may   Apr 29, 2008

There is this stupid boy,
Who walks among the halls.

HE always does the stupidest things,
But hes falls the hardest of all.

I know he needs friends,
SO i try to help him out.

And yet he denies me,
He'd rather live without.

One day he was picked on,
Though that I'd step in.

I told them all to back off,
That drew it to an end.

The boy got up and thanked me,
Dusted off his knees, Picked up his book bag,
Turned away to leave.

I tapped him on the shoulder,
Before he disappeared.

Looked him in the eyes,
Said i will always be there.

He shook my hand away,
Said thanks but I'll be fine.

The next day he went missing,
Nothing left behind,

But a tiny piece of paper,
Wrote with shaky lines.

It said thanks for trying to be there,
I would have been you friend.

But I've been planing for a while,
Never to be seen again.

I was the stupid one who would not take your help,
But now that i am gone, you can help someone else.



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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Steady Stereotype

    A beautiful write, I actually almost started crying. 5/5 Can't wait for more.

  • 11 years ago

    by ele may

    Thank you so much, appreciate it