Comments : Strength (editeD)

  • 13 years ago

    by Poet on the Piano

    "This could be the last time
    We ever see each other
    Let's make it last forever
    No moments wasted or forgotten"

    This is so sad, I like how you said let's make it last forever, nice job!

    "I will recite the lessons learned
    All of them were taught to me
    By a very special friend
    Who will forever stay in my heart"

    One of my favorite stanzas! Shows how you will always have your friend in your heart, and that you are determined to remember the lessons learned.

    "That friend still stays close
    To me to this very day
    But I am so scared now
    That he is going to go away"

    I think many people feel this way to, so much emotion and feeling portrayed here.

    "I wished on a shooting star
    And hoped it went far
    I prayed up to God
    And hoped he listened good"

    Well written, thought this was really good mentioning a wishing on a shooting star!

    "Bathing in the sunlight of heaven"

    Very creative line, like how you said "bathing"

    "Tears are rolling down my cheeks
    Glistening in the sunlight from above
    They already seem to know the truth
    That I am going to have to let go of you"

    That is so sad, having to let go of your friend, this really got to me and I am sure to other readers!

    This poem really shows you can barely live without your friend with you.
    Overall, I thought this was such a great sad poem, one of the best! In every line, I was wanting more and more, it was so well-structured and breathtaking. It was not boring but kept me reading and grasping your thoughts and feelings. You really wrote with passion, and wrote from the heart, the best way to write. Also, every stanza had great flow and was very descriptive. So, spectacular job on this, and please keep writing, and take care! :)