Already done with you

by kla   Jul 2, 2008

This time i cant forgive you.
I tried to many times(believe me).
And i cant take this heartbreaking,aching feeling.
And I'm pretty sure theres nothing you can do.

Ive been in this place many times with you too.
You can try to apologize but i doubt you will.
You can send me a message, leave a voice mail.
But its no use, cause I'm already done with you

Don't try to sweet-talk me into wanting you back.
Cause you already sweet-talked me into wanting you gone.
Don't wanna hear your voice or see you again.
And i no i dint wanna take you again(thats a fact).

But no matter how hard i try i no this is true.
You'll end up saying something sweet just like you always do.
And ill start to smile and take you back again just as i do.
No matter how hard i try its no use, cause I'm already wanting you.


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